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Patios & Sidewalks

Makena Construction specializes in installing patios, sidewalks and driveways. Whether you’d like to replace an old, cracked driveway or expand your outdoor living space, we offer a variety of finishing options to choose from, including stamped concrete, exposed aggregate or a sand trowel finish. We can also provide acid washing and sealing services to spruce up an old patio deck or driveway. In addition to installing concrete patio decks, we can also install or replace concrete pool coping. Contact us today to get started with an estimate.

Retaining Walls & Architectural Concrete

Retaining walls can be implemented in a variety of ways to add beauty and function to your outdoor landscape. They can be used to create terraced gardens, to level steep slopes or even to prevent soil erosion. Makena Construction installs residential and commercial retaining walls, ranging from 2 ft. decorative raised gardens to 30 ft. high commercial walls. We also provide architectural concrete services to create retaining walls that are decorative or curved. Contact us today to learn more.

Footings & Walls for Foundations

Makena Construction installs footings and walls for home and structure foundations. Whether you are adding a home addition, raising the ceiling in your basement, or constructing a new home, the professionals at Makena Construction are experts in foundation installations and modifications. To discuss your upcoming home foundation project, contact us today.

UnderpinningWhen the foundation under a structure becomes weak or unstable due to changing soil conditions, faulty construction or other reasons, it is essential to ensure that the problem is corrected as quickly as possible to avoid further damage. Foundation underpinning may also be necessary when making a second story addition to a structure. At Makena Construction, we specialize in providing underpinning and foundation repair services as well as point load adjustments. To learn more, contact us today.



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